Julie the owner of this services is great. Julie has been there for my husband and I during a difficult time.  She was there to drive us to the hospital and all medical appointments following surgery.

She even takes cares of our haircuts. She personally does our hair at home and offers help with groceries, recreational activities and relief from every day stress.  She is very professional and caring. Julie also gives a lot of herself which makes a great difference. It is like she helps you carry a heavy burden and makes it lighter with her big heart. 

If you need someone to give you a helping hand Julie is the one for you.

I highly recommend Julie for most of your needs. She is a very caring, compassionate person and is not afraid to do the extra mile.

Thank you Julie I cannot thank you enough.

She deserves a five star rating.

A dear client who became a friend.

J & D



We came across Julie's(founder) card at the doctor's office and arranged to have a meet and greet with Julie and Mom.  Julie was receptive to the meeting and made us feel very comfortable upon meeting her for the first time.  If you are looking for some help with taking care of your elders Julie is the one for the job.  Always pleasant, outgoing and flexible.  We were her first client as she had just started her business venture but you wouldn't know it.  As you know it's not always easy to introduce new ventures to seniors but she makes Mom stay active and continue with her social activities.  Julie picks her up weekly and takes her to her social outing every week to keep her in touch with her community and friends.  If you feel you are short on time but still want your elders to have a social life do not hesitate to contact Julie at Heartnsoul.  

She also keeps us up to date on all outings!!  

We cant thank you enough Julie, you have become part of our family!!😃 



Heart & Soul has been so great to me!!!! I was looking for a way to get to and from appointments as my husband isn't able to bring me all the time. I suffer from chronic pain and fall into an age bracket in which it is very hard to find services for. There are many services for seniors, visibly disabled people and people who live in the city. I'm younger, have an 'invisible' disability and live in a rural area....When I posted looking for a driver and Julie from H&S responded, I told her "But I'm not a senior". It did not matter to her!!! She just wanted to be able to help. That meant the world to me, it opened up a door to freedom for me. She has been so friendly, warm heart and kind. She provides a great service. She's very reliable, always on time (usually early!!), easy to talk to and get along with. I am so happy that I found her and that she provides services for those in need, not just seniors.




  Our father lives on his own in a retirement residence and very much enjoys his independence. However, as our father aged and started to develop cognitive challenges, my sisters and I were struggling to find ways to assist from afar given that we are dispersed across Ontario and Canada. 

We were so very fortunate to be referred to Julie through Dad's nurse, and Julie was able to fill a void in providing services to Dad in terms of taking him to medical appointments, assisting with managing any tasks or correspondence, and keeping his affairs in order. She is a caring, compassionate individual whose intuition, empathy and patience have made her a wonderful and invaluable addition to our Dad's care team. 

Having Julie has afforded my sisters and I peace of mind and reassurance that there is someone local to help. More importantly, she has given my Dad the amazing gift of companionship and friendship. Thank you Julie, we are blessed to have connected with you!

Jennifer M.